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Gram Panchayat Ropa Kinnaur

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Gram Panchayat Ropa - Kinnaur

About Panchayat


Gram Panchayat Ropa is a panchayat located in Pooh Block of District Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. Last elections were held on January 2021 and इंद्र सिंह was elected as Pradhan of this panchayat. सुरेश पाल was elected as Vice Pradhan of the panchayat.

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Info about Gram Panchayat Ropa

Pradhan Name :इंद्र सिंह
Vice Pradhan Name :सुरेश पाल
Panchayat Name : Ropa
Block :Pooh
District : Kinnaur
State : Himachal Pradesh
Last Election Held :January 2021

Ropa Panchayat Pradhan Details

Pradhan Name : इंद्र सिंह
Pradhan Age :30 Years
Mobile No : +91 9459408147

Vice Pradhan Ropa Details

Vice Pradhan Name : सुरेश पाल
Vice Pradhan Age :26 Years
Vice Mobile No : +91 9459270930

Contact Information

  • Contact Address :

    Gram Panchayat Ropa
    Pooh Block
    District - Kinnaur
    Himachal Pradesh (India)
  • Contact : +91 9459408147